The San Francisco Bay Area WTS Chapter was founded in 1981 by Bonnie Nelson, Dianne Nygaard, Kirsten Magary and Karen Wallsten.


Today the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of WTS is recognized as one of the preeminent professional organizations in the Bay Area transportation field. We have approximately 330 members. We sponsor more than 12 programs year, including the annual event which typically draws over one hundred members and non-members to honor the chapter award and scholarship winners.

Past Presidents & Milestones 
Bonnie Nelson, 1981-83 
- Chapter founded - 
Regina Willis, 1984-85 
Rebecca Kohlstrand, 1986-88 
Therese McMillan, 1989-90 
- Hosted the 1989 WTS National Conference - 
Deborah Dagang, 1991-92 
Christine Monsen, 1993-94 
Beth Walukas, 1995-96 
Carolyn Gonot, 1997-98 
Trudy Presser, 1999-2000 
Maria Lombardo, 2001-02 
Dina Potter, 2003-04 
Maritza Acosta, 2005-06 
Mary Klingensmith, 2007

Don Frascinella 2007-2008

Michele DiFrancia 2009-2010

Kate Miller 2011-2012

Charissa Frank 2013-2014

- Hosted the 2011 WTS International Conference -

Darlene Gee 2015-


WTS-SF is currently looking to compile all historical information related to the chapter since its formation in 1981.  If you have any pictures, programs, award information, etc. that you could share with us, please contact our historian Melissa Reggiardo.

WTS San Francisco Bay Area

Mailing Address
1714 Franklin Street #100-146
Oakland, CA 94612-3409