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Participate in the workshops to expand your professional toolbox with techniques and skills for the workplace. Develop your own actions for career development by joining your fellow WTS members in two interactive lunchtime workshops facilitated by our own Carmen Clark, a long time facilitator and trainer for WTS at the national and chapter level. A description of the workshops is given below:


Workshop#1: Emotional Intelligence: Knowledge, Attitude, and Behaviors for Success

Why is it that an increasing amount of research shows that general intelligence accounts for only 25% of a person’s overall success? What are the factors and how can we learn about them? In this workshop participants learn about the meaning of emotional intelligence and why it is important for effective leadership and success in life. Prior to the workshop, participants will complete a short questionnaire and then in the workshop receive feedback on scores and their meaning. For better understanding and the development of actions for improvement, we will be using a model that explains the concept in three dimensions: self awareness, self confidence, and self control. We will close the workshop with a facilitated discussion of ways to improve your emotional intelligence and techniques for achieving balance with the rational part of your brain.


Workshop #2: Understanding and Flexing Your Leadership Style

This workshop is intended to help you understand your preferred ways of initiating leadership behaviors and how situational and other factors can influence outcomes. You will be asked to complete an assessment of your leadership style prior to the workshop. You will receive feedback and the opportunity for a facilitated discussion in the workshop along with assistance in setting goals for your desired change or improvement based on the knowledge acquired. Discussions will also cover the differences between leadership and management and the inherent tension between these two roles in an individual and in an organization.



DATES: Thursday, August 29 and Wednesday, October 2, 2019


WHEN: 12 pm – 1:30 pm

COST: $75 per workshop (lunch included).



Photo by Kylie Haulk on Unsplash

Bay Area Metro Center

375 Beale Street

San Francisco, CA 94105

201 California St, 2nd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94111

You may sign up for one or two workshops. Space will be limited to 15 WTS members. Not a member? Join today! A waiting list will be established in case there are late cancellations.



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